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The rate question... Should I wait for them to go down?

Short answer: Waiting out rates may be counterproductive. Rates are high and they will most likely stay that way for the foreseeable future.

At Professional Leasing, we are keenly aware that the current interest rate environment may make you want to delay purchasing the equipment you need to run your business.

Unfortunately, we do not anticipate rates going down any time soon. In fact, the Federal Reserve has signaled that more rate increases are possible in 2023 to combat inflation. So, delaying any necessary equipment purchases in an attempt to wait out today's high interest rates may end up being detrimental to your business.

If your business has any equipment needs, contact Professional Leasing today. By using Professional Leasing to acquire your equipment, you no longer have to worry about rising rates. With our leases, you lock in a FIXED payment each month. Plus, our leases are designed with low upfront costs. This allows you to acquire the equipment you need while preserving your hard-earned capital. It is our goal for you to get the equipment you need, as quickly as possible, with as little money out of your pocket as possible.

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