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Equipment Leasing

Commercial Equipment Financing and Leasing
Equipment leasing is beneficial for your business. As your business grows and your equipment ages, additional and new equipment is a priority. At Professional Leasing, you choose the equipment you need from a seller that works best for you and we will provide funds to acquire that equipment. Our associates put a plan together that works for you and after the duration of the lease, you own your equipment for as low as $1.00. 

With our equipment lease plan, you keep the cash flow in your business. Rather than spending valuable cash on your equipment, you can spread the cost over multiple years enabling that cash to be utilized for other business needs. Instead of spending all of your cash on hand, you can let the equipment pay for itself and use your cash as power to fund your company's success.

We understand that having access to equipment means having assess to opportunity, and opportunity doesn’t wait. We offer same day approvals, 100% financing, competitive rates, and funding in as fast as next day. You can get the equipment you need, with minimal upfront cost, and leave your cash and credit available for other things.

Lease Financing for new and used Commercial Equipment Including:
  • Manufacturing Equipment
  • Transportation Equipment
  • Construction Equipment
  • Office Equipment
  • Agriculture Equipment
  • Medical Equipment
  • Custom Equipment
Benefits of Leasing:
  • 100% Financing for new and used equipment
  • Minimal upfront cost, NO 10%-20% down payment
  • No origination or processing fees
  • Same day application approval and quick funding
  • Flexible terms and competitive rates
  • Leave credit undisturbed
  • Potential tax advantages
  • Preserves cash and lines of credit for other business needs
  • Let’s the equipment pay for itself
  • You own the equipment after the duration of your lease for as low as $1.00
  • Fixed payments
  • Skip / Seasonal payment plans available
  • We are not a broker! Your money and service stays with us!
Professional Leasing Inc provides Equipment Financing, Equipment Leasing, Lease FInancing, $1.00 Purchase Option Lease, FMV Lease, Same Day Approvals, Simple Applications for Businesses Located in Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, and all over the Mid-Atlantic. We provide Equipment Financing and Equipment Leasing for Construction Equipment, Trucking and Transportation Equipment, Manufacturing Equipment, Agriculture Equipment and various types of Used Equipment. We are happy to work with your business to be your premier Equipment Financing Company. 

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