Professional Leasing, Inc

Professional Leasing provides lease financing for Medical Equipment in Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania and more.

Having up-to-date tools in your practice or medical facility is necessary to help people who need it, but sometimes the funds are not readily available to update your equipment. Professional Leasing enables you to pick out the medical equipment you need from a seller that you prefer, and we will then provide the funding to purchase those tools. With a lease plan that suits your business, you can own your equipment at the end of your lease for a nominal price as low as $1.00.

Leasing allows you to pay for your medical equipment over multiple years so you can allocate your capital on other business needs and better serve your patients. Keep your practice efficient and up to date with the latest medical equipment available.

Professional Leasing can provide the funding to keep your facility up to date, and most importantly, we are quick and easy.

Interested in leasing medical equipment?

Please complete a lease application online, or give us a call at 877-621-2451 to get started on your next medical equipment lease.