Professional Leasing, Inc

About Us
Professional Leasing was formed in 1982 to provide economical lease finance options to local businesses on Delmarva. Now in business for over three decades, Professional Leasing, Inc. services many clients in the Mid-Atlantic region, providing fast, efficient lease finance options to a multitude of equipment markets.

Professional Leasing provides lease funding for office automation, manufacturing, transportation, agricultural, construction and medical, among other markets. At Professional Leasing, Inc. we become your business partner by understanding the wants and needs of your business in order to provide practical and convenient lease finance solutions to help your business grow. Our associates work directly with you to create lease finance plans specifically customized for your business needs. At Professional Leasing we guarantee unparalleled customer service, prompt turnaround on lease inquiries, and deliver exceptional results that exceed the expectations of our business partners and customers.

What is a Lease?

A lease is a contractual agreement between the lessee (the customer) and the lessor (Professional Leasing Inc). We purchase the equipment from your vendor and lease it to the lessee for a fixed monthly payment.

How does the equipment lease process work?

Select the equipment that you would like to obtain and finalize the price with your vendor. Professional Leasing will help you determine the best equipment lease option and term. Complete the application and, upon approval, Professional Leasing will generate the contracts and issue funds to your vendor.

What type of equipment can be leased?

Most types of equipment can be leased as long as it is for commercial purposes.

Who can apply for a lease?

Any business, company, association or non-profit can lease through Professional leasing providing it is used for commercial purposes.

What types of rates and terms do you offer?

Our lease rates are fixed for the entire term, they do not change. Our lease terms may be set from 12-60 months. Contact us to discuss your needs with our associates. They will work with you to formulate a plan that works best for your business.

What types of leases do you offer?

Professional Leasing offers a $1 buyout lease, a 10% purchase option lease, as well as a Fair Market Value Option Lease.

What options do you offer at the end of your lease?

Professional Leasing offers a $1 buyout, 10% purchase option as well as a Fair Market Value Option.

Can I obtain my equipment from a private party rather than a vendor?

Yes, as long as the equipment is used for commercial purposes.

Is insurance needed for the Equipment?

Yes, you must provide insurance coverage on your equipment in order to lease with us.

What type of information do you need to begin the lease approval process?

You will need to complete our lease application. If any supplemental information is required, we will contact you.

Will you lease new or used equipment?

Yes, Professional Leasing will lease new as well as used equipment.