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COVID - The time is here for Equipment Financing

Over the past year, the pandemic altered the way many businesses are acquiring and updating their equipment. The economic turmoil and inability to forecast what is going to happen within certain industries made many companies postpone equipment purchases to reserve cash. As you know being a business owner, that can only happen for so long. Equipment needs arise often and upgrading equipment is necessary to be competitive, grow and reduce maintenance costs.

This is where Professional Leasing's service will bridge that gap. Our Equipment Financing and Leasing solutions enable you to acquire the new and used equipment your business needs without large capital expenditures, so you have access to the equipment needed to keep your business running smoothly, and maintain your growth plans.

With our commercial equipment and vehicle finance solutions you can get the tools you need with little upfront cost in as fast as next day. The upfront cost is typically just the first and last payment so no need to worry about a large 10%-20% down payment. (100% FINANCING!!!)

The approval process is simple. We just need our one-page application submitted along with the equipment specs and our associates will be in touch. We are not a broker and independently provide the funding for the equipment so you will have access to decision makers and back and forth nor red tape.

Our service really is simple, efficient, fast, and extremely beneficial to your businesses cash flow. Especially in the turbulent times that COVID created.

Complete the Lease With Us Now / Contact Us form or call the office at 302-629-4350 and one of our associates will assist you. We are more than happy to help and can answer any questions you have.