Professional Leasing, Inc

Why Lease
You should lease when you are in need of equipment for your business, whether it is for an “upgrade” or replacement, or for an expansion that is necessary for your company's growth.
  • Leasing is easier. The lease process is quick, efficient and easy, saving you valuable time and giving you quick access to funds necessary to purchase your equipment. When banks say no, we say yes.
  • Leasing does not involve a large down payment as most banks require.
  • Keep cash in your business to provide for a better balance sheet.
  • Provides fixed rate financing, usually a small monthly payment based on the term of your lease.
  • Gives you the ability to own your equipment without having to pay cash upfront.
  • Professional Leasing, Inc. can custom tailor a lease plan to work within your business's cash flow. We can utilize skip, or step payment plans to help you manage your business's cash flow, during its off peak periods.

Benefits For Lessee

Facilitates Budget Planning
Improve cash flow budgeting. Let Professional Leasing make it possible to put new equipment to use immediately, with a multitude of lease plans to work within your company's cash flow.

Frees Up Working Capital
Leasing does not require any large outlay of monies. Generally, 100% of the cost of the equipment may be financed. Preserve your cash for your business operations.

Credit Undisturbed
Established lines of credit with your other financial institutions are typically not affected by our lease contract.

Cost Management
Get pre-approved for your equipment purchase, then shop for your equipment with your financing in place. You select the equipment and negotiate the price. Realize a "cash purchase" discount from your vendor, because you are buying your equipment with our cash.

New or Used Equipment
Your business can benefit from the cost savings associated with the purchase of used equipment.

Equipment Obsolescence
Leasing allows you to schedule your payment stream to the equipment's life cycle. Our flexible programs will allow you to purchase the equipment at the end of the lease, or walk away and acquire the new technology your business requires. Our leases will allow you to maintain the most current technology, making your business more competitive.